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Elements Google Uses to Rank Web Pages: Google Ranking Factors.

Google Ranking Factors My previous blog post highlighted the top 3 Google ranking factors, but what are some of the other factors Google uses to rank web pages in the largest search engine on the planet?

In no particular order, other key Google ranking factors are:

  • Effective use of a blog;
  • Social media signals;
  • Mobile friendly or responsive website;
  • Secure https web pages.

These Google ranking factors are quite essential in helping Google’s search engine to understand your blog, product, or service etcetera and to allow visitors to have a more positive experience.

Web pages that load quickly, have lots of well written and useful content that can be found easily on all internet devices will have a much better chance of being noticed and therefore ranked more favourably.

It all sounds straight forward but what entails using a blog effectively or how do you use social media in the most beneficial way?

As with SEO for web pages, a blog article or post treated with the same amount of SEO attention will stand a greater chance of being noticed by Google’s ranking machine. All on-site, technical, and off-site SEO techniques should be used as well as making the best use of categorising your posts and providing useful keyword rich tags.

This together with a well written and useful blog article will go a long way to becoming a strong contender in the plethora of Google ranking factors. Always remember to use your keywords in the URL of the post as this will send a signal for Google to notice your article quickly and ensure your XML sitemap lists your posts, and ideally for it to be automated.

Most people that have a WordPress website prefer using the free plug-in by SEO Yoast. I would highly recommend this plug-in as it has an enormous amount of useful and beneficial free features.

I am going to talk about the benefits of social media signals in a future article…

In conclusion, mobile friendly or responsive and https or encrypted websites have a greater edge, therefore, I would ensure these are in order before tackling the other ranking factors that appear to carry less weight. In a world where we require information quickly, user experience will always play a crucial role in how web pages and blog articles are positioned in Google’s search engine.

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