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SEO Expert UK I’m a freelance SEO Expert & SEO Consultant who thrives on building strong, lasting relationships with clients. I will deliver your online SEO objectives efficiently for local, national, and international search. I will work closely with you to understand your in-depth requirements before embarking on keyword research and competitor analysis. If you are looking for a freelance SEO Expert or SEO Consultant, feel free to request a call back.

SEO Consultant UK There are three core SEO packages, once selected, I will work closely with you to achieve Google page one positions within 6 months. If you require more keywords or phrases then the bespoke SEO package will facilitate your business objectives. I have been a SEO Expert for many years, during which I have seen an array of algorithm changes, not least with Google. It is now more important than ever to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo. As of January 2018, Bing and Yahoo collectively have a 14% share of the UK search engine market. Even more impressive is that Bing currently has a 33% share of the US search engine market.

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Other specialist digital marketing services include: PPC – paid advertising, email marketing, and blog management services. Or perhaps you would like to begin with a WordPress website, I do that too.

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A SEO Expert’s Guide to the Changing Landscape of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is highly beneficial to attract more traffic or visitors which raises awareness and potentially sales. The SEO landscape is constantly evolving bringing new challenges and levels of complexity. A SEO Expert is highly proficient in on-site, technical, and off-site SEO principles and techniques.

There has been an enormous shift from SEO Experts utilising Black Hat techniques, hence the switch to White Hat SEO. SEO Consultants now use White Hat techniques to avoid penalties imposed by Google. Now Google has more control with their sophisticated algorithms to bring the “dark side” back into the light.

Decoding the Terminology

The terminology involved in SEO is broad. As a result, to help people in this fascinating world, I have created a SEO blog. The blog articles discuss SEO terminology in a straightforward way, helping you to improve your SEO step by step.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

It is important to choose a SEO Consultant wisely not least because of Black or Grey Hat techniques. These techniques will damage your SEO strategy. Understanding the terms, Long-Tail, Mid-Tail, and Short-Tail keywords or phrases is also beneficial.

Key SEO for 2018

Google’s algorithm updates in 2018 will result in adopting a mobile-first approach. Consequently, mobile-first changes will encourage companies into responsive web design, better security, and page speed. Complete optimisation of web pages together with a focus on UX and UI design will also be beneficial.

It is more important than ever to choose a SEO Consultant who focuses on the complete picture of applying SEO techniques to mobile-first websites.

Content is King?

There have been several Google algorithm updates recently, one of which highlights that content remains a major key ranking factor. The text to code ratio checker is great for monitoring the volume of your content. There are many free online tools, however for is useful and fast.

The quality and volume of your content are key aspects of your SEO strategy. Therefore, to help the search engine bots to semantically decode the meaning, correct HTML structure is key.

What’s a good strategy to harness the benefits of a mobile-first approach?