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I am Barry a passionate freelance SEO Expert who thrives on building strong, lasting relationships with clients. I deliver SEO objectives promptly and effectively taking your website to Google page one. To expedite your SEO requirements I will work closely with you before conducting keyword and competitor research and analysis.

Local & National SEO Services in the UK

As an experienced SEO Consultant I have seen many algorithm updates, especially with Google. I have worked with businesses and organisations in various industries in London and the UK to achieve Google page one positions quickly. SEO services.

Here are some recent keyword examples of Google page one positions.

Organisation: Polonia Ladies Volleyball Club.

Google Page One Keyword Phrases:

  • Volleyball London
  • Volleyball Clubs London
  • Senior Volleyball London
  • Junior Volleyball London
  • Play Volleyball London
  • Volleyball Team London
  • London Volleyball Club

SEO Expert

I provide SEO services as a freelance SEO Expert for businesses and organisations of all sizes in London and the UK. The services range from SEO audits and strategies to on-page, technical, and off-page SEO, to content writing and reporting.

Search Engine Statistics

Google’s share of the UK search engine market is currently a staggering 87.5%. This percentage highlights the major benefits to businesses of being on Google page one.

As of June 2019, Bing and Yahoo collectively shared 10.4% of the UK search engine market – Bing 8.2% and Yahoo 2.2% respectively.

Bing and Yahoo currently have a combined 33.1% share of the US search engine market.

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Polonia Ladies Volleyball club

Barry has been instrumental in the development of our new website, that has enabled us to better promote and Market our volleyball club both in London and Nationally.

The new website has provoked significant interest in our club and in particular our Junior Academy and Superleague Squad. Barry ensured essential information was included on our site via a ‘Keyword’ strategy so that the widest possible audience was reached.

He also ensured our site was vibrant and energetic in design to suit the nature and ethos of a sports organisation. Barry always worked to deadlines and consulted Senior Managers of the club on a regular basis to ensure needs were met. The new website continues to provoke interest in our club and also enabled us to meet an identified agenda item within our Club Development Plan.

I would recommend Barry to any individual client or organisation without hesitation as his work is efficient, time bonded and of a very high quality.

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International Thai Foundation

Barry provided an excellent service in improving our website using WordPress. He not only listened to our needs but made great suggestions to further enhance the site especially in terms of SEO. He was very patient and courteous while we worked through our requirements, and was very fast to deliver the web design and SEO objectives. More info…

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Search Engine Optimisation Q&A

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation which covers a broad area consisting of various principles and techniques. There are over 250 factors used by search engine algorithms to rank web pages in the SERPS, hence a complex machine. SEO is as important as PPC, however SEO can raise awareness without the great expense of some PPC campaigns. Although many ranking factors are involved any size business can achieve Google page one positions within 6 months.

What is a Keyword?

A SEO consultant will conduct keyword research using various software tools before embarking on a new SEO project. Keyword research identifies the most beneficial keywords or phrases for your products, services, or information. The keywords equate to search terms potential visitors type in the search engines like Google and Bing.

Long-Tail Keywords?

These are less competitive keywords such as keywords that contain a specific location or for local searches. These keywords or phrases are easier to take to Google page one and therefore are in a bronze package.

Mid-Tail Keywords?

More competitive keywords such as keywords for national listings, brands, categories. These keywords are harder to take to Google page one and therefore are in a silver package.

Short-Tail Keywords?

Highly competitive keywords such as keywords for national and international listings, competitive brand names, products or services. These keywords are much harder to take to Google page one and therefore are in a gold package.

A SEO expert’s Guide to the Changing Landscape of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is highly beneficial to attract more traffic or visitors which raises awareness and potentially sales. The SEO landscape is constantly evolving bringing new challenges and levels of complexity. A SEO expert is highly proficient in on-site, technical, and off-site SEO principles and techniques.

There has been an enormous shift from SEO consultants utilising Black Hat techniques, hence the switch to White Hat SEO. SEO Consultants now use White Hat techniques to avoid penalties imposed by Google. Now Google has more control with their sophisticated algorithms to bring the “dark side” back into the light.

Decoding the Terminology

The terminology involved in SEO is broad. As a result, to help people in this fascinating world, I have created a SEO blog. The blog articles discuss SEO terminology in a straightforward way, helping you to improve your SEO step by step.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

It is important to choose a SEO consultant wisely not least because of Black or Grey Hat techniques. These techniques will damage your SEO strategy. Understanding the terms, Long-Tail, Mid-Tail, and Short-Tail keywords or phrases is also beneficial.

Key SEO for 2019

Google’s algorithm updates in 2018 saw a mobile-first approach being launched. A mobile-first approach encourages companies to create responsive websites, improve security and page speed. Complete optimisation of web pages together with a focus on UX and UI design are now key elements of web design and SEO.

It is more important than ever to choose a SEO Consultant who focuses on the complete picture of applying SEO techniques to mobile-first websites.

Content is King

There have been several Google algorithm updates recently, one of which highlights that content remains a major key ranking factor. The text to code ratio checker is great to ensure your content outweighs the HTML/JavaScript etc. There are many free online tools, however for is useful and fast. The quality and volume of your content are key aspects of your SEO strategy. Therefore, to help the search engine bots to semantically decode the meaning, correct HTML structure is key.

What’s a good strategy to harness the benefits of a mobile-first approach?
As a SEO consultant, here are some tips to help you with your mobile-first strategy:
  • Responsive design – this is now a must.
  • Design your web pages to look their best for mobile users. Think about the user experience (UX). It’s not just about your website being responsive. Well researched and carefully constructed content is key to engage your audience.
  • It is wise to ensure your web pages load quickly, under three seconds is best on mobile devices. This process is daunting at first, however there are many articles to guide you through the .htaccess file. For CMS platforms like WordPress there are some great free plugins that will help with this important stage. I will write a blog article soon to cover all aspects of optimising web pages for mobile devices. For now try, for a basic insight.

I provide SEO services for companies and organisations throughout London and the UK.